Nigel Bowers

Nigel Bowers


Nigel Bowers has been a member of the Friends since 2013 following his interest in photography and was elected chair on 20th July 2019.

He became 'hooked' with Chatterley Whitfield circa 2012 through his interest with photography and local history. He paid his membership and the rest as they say is history. He soon joined the committee, became a tour guide for our Heritage Open Days and started the Facebook page. He also took on the responsibility for updating the new web site and the Newsletter. He later became the secretary and looked after membership as well.

In 2018 we were given access to a building which has now been turned into our Heritage centre and he has been instrumental in successfully securing grants in the region of £27,000 for digitization of archives and building improvement.

He also looks after the administration for our Heritage Open Days.

He also maintains open communication with Stoke on Trent City Council Property Team.

Nigel can be contacted by email at:


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