Mark O’Grady

Mark O’Grady


Likes to be referred to as Deputy Chair.....
Recently elected at EGM on 20.1.2018......
Message from Mark O'Grady:
I am a HGV driver and I have been employed with the same company since 2002 doing general haulage all over the United Kingdom. It is working long hours but I look forward to weekend's I always try to achieve something. I've a keen interest in DIY or trying to fix things and my other interest is archery which I have been doing for 10 years. I've entered competitions as it's a good relaxing sport that is suitable for all ages.
Why Chatterley ?
I'm interested in Chatterley Whitfield because it's the last complete colliery in England, some of the buildings are unique and it was the first pit in the country to produce 1 million tonnes of coal in a year. I want this to be saved for the nation. I have being a member for just over 12 months (2017) and in that time I've tried to do what ever I can to help preserve this place. It is a long and hard task ahead but I truly believe it will come right one day. We have a good team behind us with all different skills maybe one day coal mining will return but for now we can at least tell the story over the next few months with training in intend to become a guide and show people round the site.

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