People of Chatterley Whitfield

The story of colliery means little without the people who worked there. At its peak, nearly 3,000 people worked at Chatterley Whitfield, and it was like a small town, with support workers in the form of electricians, mechanics, blacksmiths, office workers, storekeepers, canteen staff, medical workers and geologists.
It was hard work at a colliery, and although safety restrictions were frequently introduced, they were often an attempt to prevent the reoccurrence of tragedies where people had already died while working.

Here are just a few of the many stories of people who worked at Chatterley Whitfield:

Jack Newton
George Phillips
John Harold Rhodes
Belts, Bells & the Bullhurst
Bill Jack
John Cope
Geoff Oakes
The Winding Engines and Engine Men of Chatterley Whitfield

Bevan Boys

Geoff Brownsword