Geoff Oakes

Geoff Oakes


Geoff started to work at Chatterley Whitfield Colliery on 22nd February 1958 at the age of 21. His first job was in the pit bottom diesel loco garage as a diesel fitter. The locos started to be phased out after twelve years and the coal was conveyed out by belt, consequently he was given the job of looking after two miles of belts.

After two years of looking after conveyer belts he went on a training course on track machines i.e. gathering arm loaders, and it turned out later to be anything on tracks was his responsibility.

A further strike for four weeks occurred in 1974, and in 1975 he was promoted to Assistant Mechanical Engineer i.e. Shift Charge Engineer. Two¬†stories¬†from Geoff’s time at Whitfield are included in this website, in the section on people.

In 1977 when Chatterley Whitfield closed, he was transferred to Wolstanton Colliery continuing to be Shift Charge Engineer. Having survived the 1984 strike, Wolstanton colliery closed in 1985 and he left the industry on the 22nd February 1986, a total of exactly twenty eight years.

Geoff’s other interest is Secretary to the Morris Minor Club.

He is also our Treasurer and can be contacted by e-mail at: treasurer@chatterleywhitfieldfriends.org.uk